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Location of the hospital, nursing home and clinic on the same campus makes services convenient for patients, residents and their family members. The hospital has 14 beds in 9 patient rooms, so most patients enjoy private rooms during their stay.  State-of-the-art emergency, imaging, laboratory and physical therapy services are also available.


The emergency room at Shamrock General Hospital is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is staffed with highly-trained physicians, advanced practice providers and nurses certified in Advanced Trauma Life-Support (ATLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course (ENPC).

Designated as a Level IV Trauma Center by the state of Texas, our emergency room features a staff ready to respond quickly and compassionately to any medical emergency.  We are also supported by dedicated emergency medical technicians (EMTs), ambulance and fire department personnel.

Through the hospital’s affiliation with Avera eCare, the services of local providers are complemented by those of board certified emergency room physicians and critical care nurses immediately available through telemedicine.  At the touch of a button, equipment installed in the hospital’s two trauma rooms is instantly connected to eCare’s virtual hospital command center through a dedicated fiber optic line. 

Shamrock General Hospital Emergency room


Shamrock General Hospital offers onsite a wide range of highly complex laboratory services including hematology, chemistry, special chemistry and serology.  Some of the more common tests help providers determine whether or not patients have diabetes, high cholesterol, or infections.  But other tests can be critical to determining the cause of abdominal or chest pain.

The professionals who staff the laboratory sometimes go unnoticed, but the role they play is vital to the diagnosis and treatment of disease at the hospital, emergency department and clinic.  While education requirements differ, MLTs (medical laboratory technicians) and MTs (medical technologists) perform overlapping functions, including preparation of specimens, operation of automated laboratory analyzers and performance of manual testing.

The laboratory is certified through the Texas Department of State Health Services’ Health Facility Compliance Group.  We maintain compliance under the authority of the Public Health Services Act, commonly known as Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA 88). 

Shamrock General Hospital Laboratory


Our radiology department offers comprehensive imaging services, including CT scans, bone density tests, and X-rays of the chest, head, spine, and extremities.

Computed Tomography (CT)

Our 16-slice CT scanner produces detailed images of the body, useful for diagnosing various conditions like injuries, diseases, and tumors. It is a quick and safe procedure, with minimal exposure to radiation. Certain exams may require a contrast agent for clearer images.


We use digital radiography for fast, painless X-ray exams with minimal radiation exposure. These images help visualize bones, tissues, and organs, with some exams enhanced by barium or iodine-based contrast agents for better clarity, especially in the digestive and urinary tracts.

Patient lying down on CT scanner


Our physical therapy department provides care to individuals who suffer from movement and functional difficulties from aging, disease, injury or environmental factors. Our dedicated physical therapy staff works closely with the patient, their family and the physician to develop a plan that helps restore physical function and overall fitness.  

We accept orders from your physician or our providers. Orders may be faxed to the department at 806-256-2423, and patients may register with admissions in the business office.

Physical therapy, physiotherapy and chiropractor do exercise with patient for recovery, healing and

Continue Your Recovery,
Close to Home

The Swing Bed Program at Shamrock General Hospital is for Medicare patients discharged from Shamrock or any other hospital following an acute illness, injury or surgery, who still need time and physical therapy to heal and strengthen before going home.

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